Scientific publication: discover, manage & disseminate

The course will introduce you to the information process: retrieval, management and dissemination of scientific publications. The focus will be on two sources of information: literature sources and research data.

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The focus will be on two sources of information: literature sources and research data.The following topics will be discussed in the course:
  • Process of literature and research data search: functionalities of databases, search preparation, search methods, search strategies
  • Elements of research data management: life cycle, data management plans, policy, guidelines, preservation and reusability of data
  • Citation, copyright, license agreement, plagiarism and Creative Commons
  • Manage your research data and literature sources with appropriate tools
  • Measure your impact: traditional and alternative approaches to measure a scholar’s impact
  • Open Access, repositories, Open Access publishers, guidelines, policies, mandates and international movements. Predatory publishing
  • Publishing contracts, author rights and how to retain and practice them
  • Research data publication and discovery and open science
  • Self-presentation, visibility and impact in the scientific community with social media

Organizer: Graduate Campus

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PhD candidates in the natural, medical and social sciences. This course is aimed primarily at early-stage PhD candidates.
With the knowledge acquired in this course participants will be able to:
  • Define and implement their information need
  • Make a justified choice of appropriate information sources
  • Construct and implement effective search strategies
  • Organise and store information using appropriate methods and share information with others
  • Legally obtain, cite and disseminate all kinds of information
  • Describe methods to measure the impact of a scientist and form an opinion about the research performance evaluation
  • Understand dissemination of scientific publications, problems in the current publication system and ways to find journals for publication
  • Know the various roads to Open Access and how to publish with Open Access
  • Apply concepts of research data management to improve research efficiency and reusability


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